AtomicPay To Disrupt Cryptocurrency Payment Processors in 2019

January 14, 2019

Today, officially launched its non-custodial cryptocurrency payment solution for merchants globally. AtomicPay eliminates the involvement of a third-party processor, allowing merchants to accept payments directly from their customers , in a secured and trustless environment.“Cryptocurrency itself is decentralized, but blockchain payment processors continued to be centralized,” said AtomicPay Founder Benz Rif. “This resulted in the same old problems with high processing fees, hidden charges, slow settlements, hacks, foul plays, privacy and censorship issues.”The technology behind AtomicPay is designed to disrupt existing by allowing merchants to have immediate ownership of funds, whenever a customer pays them. Hacks and censorship issues are becoming common in custodial and centralized blockchain solutions. Most recently, on Nov 2018 and founder account in Jan 2019.Unlike custodial processors, AtomicPay does not store or withhold any funds...


January 12, 2019

As the government enters the longest shutdown in U.S. history, paychecks are on hold for about 800,000 federal employees forced to go on unpaid leave or work without pay since Dec. 22. In Central Florida, one city is stepping up to help.   The City of Groveland, Fla., announced earlier this week that it will defer all city utility fees and will not disconnect nor charge a late fee for employees of any closed federal agencies during the current furlough.   City Manager Mike Hein said that the City Council and staff will continue to monitor the situation as the shutdown continues to see about the future needs of residents who are employed by a federal agency impacted by the furlough.   Any residents who are currently impacted, and wish to have their payments deferred, are asked to bring verification of their employment to the Groveland City Hall at 156 S. Lake Avenue.   “Groveland...


January 12, 2019

Many of us who grew up in the Boomer Era were afflicted with a sort of chronic angst. Something not quite identifiable was ever not quite right. In an earnest effort to rid ourselves of this malaise, we tried all manner of remedies, including taking the Road Less Traveled, nurturing our Inner Child, caring for our Soul, and running with the Wolves. Despite all these efforts, however, a general sense of things not being right, both in ourselves and in the nation at large, would seem only to have gotten worse. Why? How could such a wealth of remedies on the one hand lead to such dismal results on the other? According to author Tom Fitzgerald, one possible explanation—and the premise of his book—is that, instead of having been encouraged by the personal-growth and mental-health industries to aim the arrow of our concern a little more toward other people, we have been encouraged to keep it disproportionately aimed toward ourselves. To help...

Self-Massage Techniques To Do At Your Desk

January 12, 2019

Getting a soothing and effective massage doesn’t cost much. About agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain. With the appropriate self-massage technique, you can give yourself that soothing massage your body yearns for after a period of long work, even right there on your desk and in that brief break time at the office.  Don’t be flustered! Self-massage isn’t something unheard of neither is it difficult to do. However, there are different techniques with which you can self-massage yourself.  These techniques are all sufficient, impressive and effortless, and when rightly applied to that part of your body that badly needs a massage, it is pretty sure that you are going back to work refreshed, strengthened and fired up for more productivity. Below are the different techniques with which you can massage yourself for back pain, neck pain, and face pain.   Self-massage techniques...


January 15, 2019

Three Decades and Hundreds of Thousands of Clients Later, Lauterstein-Conway Massage School is Still Helping Austinites RelaxOn February 22, 2019 the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (TLC) celebrates its 30th year educating massage therapists and operating its student-run clinic in Austin, Texas.With thousands of students, interns and graduates providing massage in practice, TLC estimates it provides massage therapy to hundreds of thousands clients.The school was founded in 1989 by John Conway and David Lauterstein. The co-founders met as teachers in 1985 at the Texas School of Massage Studies, one of the first massage schools in Texas.At the time, Conway taught and specialized in sports massage and Lauterstein in structural bodywork and deep massage. 

Porto Zante Villas & Spa resort In Greece becomes a proud member of American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts®

January 14, 2019

 resort in Greece, Europe’s most private beach resort and member of the , has been accepted to the prestigious American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts® program. 

American Marketing Association of South Florida Awards Opens Call for Entries

January 15, 2019

The American Marketing Association (AMA) South Florida chapter has opened its second annual Awards to marketing agencies and brand marketing departments looking to showcase their creative talents throughout the 2018 calendar year.   “We want everybody in the South Florida marketing community to participate, not just agencies, but brands too.” Says Pedro Galvan, President of the AMA South Florida chapter.  Entries are not limited to AMA members so any company in South Florida can participate.   The awards mark a new tradition that the chapter is committed to seeing grow in the next several years to recognize the creative marketing talent from West Palm Beach to Key West.  Awards will be given for Marketer of the year, Agency of the year, Marketing Department of the Year, Global Campaign of the Year and also recognizes Non Profits and Digital Marketing.  The awards ceremony is set for February...

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Grrr8DOMAINS will exclusively broker the DIGITAL ASSETS of Against Trump Media

January 11, 2019


HD Imaging from GE – World’s First in a 3D Measurement-enabled Video Borescope

January 14, 2019

Berg Engineering has begun sales of GE’s high definition, defect-detecting 3D measurement-enabled video borescopes with the . This new technology takes inspections to a whole new level with the addition of high-definition (HD) imaging technology. This world-first development will increase your asset uptime and reduce costs by enabling quicker but more accurate internal inspections.Save money with faster and more efficient remote visual inspections!Borescopes have become essential for non-destructive testing (NDT), especially in the aerospace, power generation and oil and gas industries. They allow you to inspect components, welds and material surfaces inside structures like engines, turbines, combustion chambers and pipelines without having to disassemble them.GE’s brings you a package of technological advances including TrueSight™ HD visual inspection, and Real3D™ 3D measurement, visualization and...

Brightside Home Inspections Announces Happy Homebuyer Guarantee

January 14, 2019

Brightside Home Inspections is pleased to announce that all home buyer clients will now receive the . The Happy Homebuyer Guarantee is our promise to you that we will inspect the home as if we were purchasing it for our own family. It also includes a complimentary ‘thank you’ to our customers as way to help make this major life change a little easier and more affordable.    The Happy Homebuyer Guarantee includes:   217 point inspection checklist that goes above and beyond the NYS inspection requirements, to ensure that no stone is left unturned 90-day MoldSafe warranty $100 towards handyman services Free ADT wireless alarm system & installation 10% off local locksmith services for rekeying or lock replacement     About Brightside...

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