March 21, 2018

Silicon Valley based  (ATF), Managing Partners of the  ([email protected]) partnership today announced that the DEMO Africa event will be heading to Morocco over the next two years.  “Over the last six years, the  conference has traveled through Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa, and launched leading African technologies while showcasing the continent’s evolving entrepreneurial ecosystems and startups. As codified within our conference charter, we are heading to North Africa for the 2018 and 2019 editions of the annual event, and we are excited to announce Morocco as our host country” remarked Harry Hare, Executive Director of DEMO Africa. As a launchpad for uniquely African technologies, DEMO Africa connects African startups to the global ecosystem, and allows the most innovative companies to launch their technology products to diverse audiences filled with innovation stakeholders. Over the last six editions of DEMO...

The Rite Marketing Group Presents The 7th Annual Radio Showcase Reception; A Pay-Per-View Event Co-Hosted by Cedric Bailey and Shannon Thomas, Red Carpet Hosted by Rubi Green and Emcee N.I.C.E

March 21, 2018

Event producer, music executive, and founder of The Rite Marketing Group, Emory Marshall, is in the business of helping independent recording artists excel. While working on his 7th Annual Radio Showcase and Reception, hosted by radio personalities Cedric Bailey and Shannon Thomas, he found time to sit down with PCPR CEO, Phyllis Caddell, to discuss his upcoming event on March 23, 2018 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 33rd Annual Stellar Award weekend.   Q. What made you create the Radio Showcase and Reception? A. Years ago I realized there was a need to give independent artists a platform for radio exposure. A luxury that was normally reserved for major artists.   Q. What did it take to get this event started?  A. I was in a singing group for years.I was signed to a label that helped me get exposure, and it definitely helped create awareness.I’ve done radio for over 20...

Protecting Residential Plumbing During Cold Snaps

March 20, 2018

Minnesota has seen record cold temperatures this winter, with some areas reaching . As such, plumbers around the state have been backed-up with homeowners dealing with weather-related plumbing and pipes issues. When weather reaches 20 below zero, pipes that are exposed, or run through unheated areas or along external walls are at high risk for freezing and potentially bursting, causing a messy, costly problem for a homeowner. In the north, that cold weather can stick around well into May. Homeowners throughout Minnesota should conduct regular maintenance on their plumbing even as the seasons change. This can include draining pipes that supply pools or sprinkler lines in the fall before the first freeze, adding insulation to basements or attics with exposed pipes, or adding products designed to regulate pipe temperatures like sleeves or tapes.  When a pipe breaks, water can leak and may cause severe damage not only to structural...

Nowspeed Releases New Performance Analytics Services

March 20, 2018

Nowspeed, A Digital Marketing Agency based outside Boston, MA, has announced they have expanded their service offering to now include . This new service will help clients make better cross-channel advertising decisions to improve campaign performance and save money by bringing together the most important KPIs in one integrated set of dashboard reports. Many organizations don’t have the manpower or analytics skills to bring together disparate data sets, build comprehensive dashboards and reports, and present recommendations based on data each and every month. Nowspeed's is designed to bring integrated reporting and analytics to every organization that needs to get on top of their data. For a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in-house team, Nowspeed will manage your data, build your reports and even tell you what it means. “We are excited about helping organizations turn data into insight that makes their marketing... introduces advance VPN with Malware Protection and Adblocker

March 22, 2018

Digital security leveled up with the advent of FastestVPN offering unparalleled security features such as Malware Protection and NAT Firewall. FastestVPN is backed by its parent company – Fastest Technology Limited, based in Cayman Islands with the aim to increase privacy and security over World Wide Web. The company takes pride in being the with advanced features that are activated automatically at server end. FastestVPN is compatible with over 20 devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Router and more. Not only that, it makes an excellent - making content available more easily while keeping privacy intact. Offering Malware Protection, Ad-blocker and NAT Firewall without any additional cost reflects the true mission of the company; which is providing ultimate internet privacy and security. “Cyber landscape needs to be made more secure, especially after the recent malware frenzy that resulted in a loss of billions of dollars worldwide”,...

Advantage Air Announces Ideal Time for Air Conditioner Repair

March 21, 2018

Premier is reminding residential and commercial property owners to schedule air conditioner repair and routine maintenance this month. By taking care of issues now, people can ensure their air conditioners and HVAC systems are ready to go for spring and summer cooling.  After serving the St. Louis metropolitan area for well over a decade, family-owned Advantage Air, LLC, has learned a thing or two about getting air conditioners to operate at peak performance. The company is reassuring homeowners and commercial property owners that March is the ideal time to schedule routine maintenance and air conditioner repair. By identifying and troubleshooting problems now, cooling systems will be ready to handle the transition from winter to spring and summer.  Summer in St. Louis can bring on extreme heat and humidity. work hard to combat these conditions and keep homes and buildings comfortable all season long. Some signs a cooling system may not be performing well...

CamKix Rolls Out Case for Nintendo Switch Game Cards

March 21, 2018

CamKix, a retailer dedicated to providing quality tech accessories, recently released a case for Nintendo Switch Game Cards. Made of plastic, the product includes two trays that have 12 slots each. These are specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch for a secure fit. The case can hold a total of 24 game cards. The product has a transparent exterior so that game cards can be easily viewed. It also features a snap closure for added safety.  “Nintendo Switch game cards are very small and easy to lose. We wanted to give our customers an easy way to store and organize their game cards. With this case, they can safely take their Nintendo Switch games anywhere,” said a CamKix representative. The company, which sells under the name CamKix on Amazon, has recently launched a new official website where other add-ons for the Nintendo Switch are available, as well as photography, smartphone,...

NCWC Inc Dealer Services A+ Rated Company

March 20, 2018

NCWC Inc has rolled out a new line of consumer automotive protection products for 2018 designed to alleviate the risks buyers face with the purchase of pre-owned automobiles. Despite the popularity of used auto sales, consumers are skeptical about making purchases because of the inherent risks in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Comprehensive Auto Protection Programs In the not-so-distant past, when a person bought a used car they purchased it as-is.That means any mechanical defects, deteriorating parts that were overlooked, or undisclosed prior damage were all on them. If something went wrong right after they purchased the vehicle, they were exposed to the out of pocket costs to repair the damage.This was true even if the damages were more than the cost of originally purchasing the vehicle.  Warranty companies lie NCWC Inc provide peace of mind for consumers in the market for aused vehicle.This include things like...

Epic Brings Beautiful and Pleasant Surf Forecasts to iOS

March 20, 2018

Nuno Grilo is proud to announce the availability of . Epic is an iOS app that provides wave, wind, tide and weather forecast and alerts for surfing. It was carefully designed to provide access to the most important forecast information with the minimum user interaction. See at a glance the most critical today's conditions right from the Spot view and optionally get deeper into the details with a detailed Forecast for the upcoming days. Be notified when your spot is pumping! Built with love, by surfers, to surfers. Main Features: today's spot conditions, where the user can see at a glance how's the surf today define alerts to be notified when the surf conditions are epic! detailed 7-day swell, wind, weather and tide forecast ability to have multiple spots (favourites) widget to quickly check for today's conditions from anywhere on your phone add spots by keyword searching or by...

BitMinutes Incorporates European Subsidiary in Lichtenstein

March 20, 2018

BitMinutes announces that they have established their European headquarters in the Duchy of Lichtenstein.  BitMinutes GmbH was incorporated in early March as a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S.-based BitMinutes LLC, during a visit to Vaduz by BitMinutes Founder and CEO Tom Meredith. Lichtenstein presented a number of advantages over other candidates for establishing a European base, with the closest competitor being Switzerland. Both are developing banking and regulatory regimes that are attractive to cryptocurrency innovations and the companies developing them, as explained by Meredith in an interview soon after the incorporation documents were signed. “Lichtenstein is a small country with nimble regulators,” said Meredith. “While Switzerland is also crafting banking guidelines that will be attractive to companies working to build better financial services around cryptocurrency innovations, Lichtenstein has taken the Swiss template and already...

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